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a minute in heaven= hours in hell

by blake levin
(miami )

In high school at camp a girl told me I should turn bulimic even though I was not fat. However it got to me and one night after eating a massive chinese I thought hmm Ill try it ! WORST DECISON OF MY LIFE ! I never thought it could be so addictive and 3 years later I never would have seen myself in the condtion I am in now! My head is mind boggeled it truly has messed my head up I have become way more paranoid and I used to be the most laid back person! I have decided to get my life back on track as life is to short and I will NOT let food or BULIMIA control it anymore I have taken a stand. I am now 3 weeks clean and never felt so good I gained a few pounds but its just water weight which should hopefully come off and if not I do not care because being able to say I USED to be bulimic and not I AM bulimic is one of the best feelings in the world 100 times better then being bulimic!!!!! anyone suffering from it seriously stop its not worth it not in the slightest and I know its so addictive and your thinking oh Ill gain weight if i do but Im telling you after about a week of stopping you will feel like a super hero and your life will feel so on track! Also if this story does not help you to stop here is what will ! (once you eat food the calories are absorbed into your system right away so even if you get sick after eating the calories are still in you so it is POINTLESS ) there for just EAT LESS next time you think of getting sick think of that its pointless!! i really do hope this helps even one person to stop because it was from reading things like this online helped me ... p.s my qoute for the night CHIN UP AND CHARGE THE MOUNTAIN !! The best feeling is also sucess !! BEST OF LUCK :* you Can do it .. even imposible says 'IM'POSSIBLE !

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