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A bulimia digestion question: Throwing up dinner the next morning...

by Kaylee

ok soooo I went home to my parents house for the night and was binge purge free for the entire day... Easier around family ya know?

Well, anyways that night I went out with a friend and got dinner... reallllly late. Like 12 am... so then I came home and I didn't want to sleep on a full stomach but yet I thot it would be better than purging... So, I slept. I woke up twice to pee... Noticed my stomach still had the food in it... Gross. I woke up again in the morning.... still bloated and gross from the food I went to sleep with... I couldn't take I purged... and partially digested food came up... gross. anyway, my question is has this ever happened to you?

Is my digestion just really, really sucky or do people wake up like that? I mean I wouldn't have been able to eat anything the next day if I didn't purge that morning... It was like acid reflux and all that too... It was just not good! So, that started my binge purge cycle for the day...

Now I feel shitty. ugh. What do you think?

Shaye Says

Hi Kaylee,

I remember doing that too... It's really horrible isn't it!? Throwing up food that has been in your tummy for many hours is not fun at all!

Most people wouldn't be able to throw up food that was eaten all that time ago... But, because you have suffered from bulimia for quite a long time, your digestive system has slowed right down. Food will sit in your stomach for a lot longer - and that's why you were still able to throw it up in the morning...

Something handy to remind yourself is that after you've had food in your tummy for that long, virtually all of it's calories have been digested already. What you throw up is the stuff that would basically pass down into your bowels and eventually end up being passed out poo. In terms of worrying about your weight - you aren't any better off for having thrown it up. Try to think of this next time - it will act as a little bit of motivation...

Yes, I totally get what you mean by you would have felt too full to eat if you hadn't purged... I used to feel like that too... But, remember that in the future if you decide you're too bloated to eat, you could just have small meals of tasty food. Eat slowly and savor them. Try to stick to your 3 meals and snacks a day - but you could always make them smaller if you;re feeling extremely bloated.

If you keep this up, in time your metabolism will speed up - I promise! Mine did - and yours will too. It takes time and perseverance... But remind yourself, recovery is forever - it's worth a few months of discomfort to achieve it!

Try to remind yourself that just because you binged and purges this morning, it does't mean the whole day has to follow in that direction. Tell yourself right now "I will not wait to have a good day - I will make one today!".

If you slip back to old habits, gently correct your course - without feeling like you have failed... You are simply learning a new way of life :)

Be kind to yourself Kaylee!


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