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Bulimia Recovery #4 - The ONLY Way To End Your Binge Urges...
February 06, 2011

Imagine a life where you could enjoy food in a healthy and relaxed way. A life where you could go out for dinner with your friends without a bulimic thought crossing your mind...

A simple life... A life free of those soul sucking binge urges...

That life is possible... I promise. And, today I'm going to teach you the ONLY way to reduce and finally get rid of those binge urges completely...

Kick Binge Urges in The Butt...

I thought that my body had become truly, 100% incapable of digesting anything. I thought that any calorie that remained in my stomach would instantaneously end up on my butt. I honestly believed that I had done irreparable damage to my stomach and that if I ended my bulimic actions, I would be stuck eating a diet of lettuce for eternity.

What did I discover during my recovery? That this belief simply wasn't true.

My body could handle digesting food... And, your body can handle digesting food too... I promise.

This is so important to understand at the beginning of your bulimia recovery journey...

Why? Because your body will thank you for feeding it by reducing your binge urges.

Your body will think... Hmm... maybe I don't need to eat mindlessly to the point of popping... Maybe, just maybe, I'll get truly fed from time to time.

Depriving yourself of food is one of the biggest triggers for bulimia.

I remember starting off many days thinking:

"I'm only going to eat fruit so that I won't feel guilty and I won't purge"...

Guess what... On every single one of these days I would end up falling into an unstoppable binge - followed by the inevitable purge.

On a conscious level I knew my binging was crazy... But, on a sub-conscious level - it made sense to my body...

"Eat as much as you can now - because chances are - she's either going to a) Throw most of it up or b) Not eat again for ages"

On a sub-conscious level I was being instructed to EAT. EAT. EAT.

There is only one way to break this cycle and reduce binge urges...

You need to give your body what it wants - food.

It will take a while - even as long as 6 months - for you to know intuitively what your body truly wants... So, until then I will teach you a simple trick that has helped many bulimia sufferers - including me - end their binge urges...


Structured Eating To End Binge Urges

Structured eating basically means planning and organizing your meals and snacks.

During your bulimia recovery, planning 3 meals and 3 snacks a day is perfect. This means you get to eat every 2.5 to 3 hours.

Structured eating helped end my binge urges because whenever I felt the urge to eat - I always knew that a meal or snack wasn't far off.

And then, when the time arrived to eat, I knew that I had a planned snack or meal which I had already prepared. I'd eat it slowly and savour it.

If I felt the temptation to binge, I'd remind myself that in another 2 hours I could have some more food... After a while, my body began to believe me - and in return, the binge urges became less and less frequent.

Of course structured eating didn't work perfectly right away - as with everything - it takes practice... But, as an overall strategy to reduce binge urges - it worked amazingly well.

Here's a sample of the eating times and menu that I used:

08.00am - breakfast - Cooked apple, raisins & banana with nuts & cream
10.30am - snack - muesli bar and a piece of fruit
01.00pm - lunch - tuna, salad and avocado
03.30pm - snack - pumpkin soup and a small bun
06.00pm - dinner - roast chicken with steamed vegetables & a potato
08.30pm - snack - a cup of tea and a biscuit

You might feel like this is too much food for you to possibly digest - but remember, food is your friend. Your body can handle food! Whenever you are eating, or stressing yourself out about food - remind yourself of this...

Say it over and over again "FOOD IS MY FRIEND - I CAN HANDLE FOOD"

Eating - and digesting - will do wonders for your body and mind. And, don't worry about your weight...

Structured eating will eventually help you stabilize at a healthy and natural weight. You may gain a few kg's during this phase of your recovery - but most of it is water...

Some people have even commented that they lost weight from structured eating because the calories they were digesting during their binges far outweighed the calories from their structured eating.

Myself - I gained 3 kg's... but, it's the best trade I've ever made in my life!

Have a go at structure eating - what have you got to lose? Be persistent and you'll find it could change your life.

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I hope that this message helps you take a positive step forward in your bulimia recovery journey... Please remember...

It's not where you stand - but the direction which you face. Turn to face the direction of health and happiness... and take baby steps until you get there.

Stay strong and be kind to yourself - you deserve it!


P.S. Over the past month so many brave women have shared their bulimia stories on my site... Click here to share your story too... I love reading them and I know others gain inspiration from them too...

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