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Bulimia Recovery #17 - How To SAVE Your Teeth From Bulimia!
September 01, 2011

How To Save Your Teeth From Bulimia!

Just a short while ago an excellent tip was shared in The Bulimia Recovery Program's Forums. The tip was shared by Sara (Hi Sara!) - she gave us priceless information on how to protect your teeth from bulimia...

Had I known this tip during my bulimic years - it would have saved me a lot of dental pain and even more money! I have spent over $10,000 to fix my bulimia teeth - I don't want you to have to go through the same thing!

Please take Sara's advice on how to save your teeth... Here it is...


SAVE YOUR TEETH! (A helpful tip to counteract damage from purging)

(By Sara)

I originally got this advice from a website a long time ago from a doctor who actually specialized in treating bulimics! :)

Through this tip I have kept my teeth in fairly good condition and my dentist has never once commented about the state of my teeth in my 15 years of bulimia. (And I have been seeing the same dentist since I was 8-yrs-old!)

I also just wanted to say I am giving this advice only to help in times where we all have our 'slip-ups' and purge. Of course, I am not in ANY way encouraging anyone to purge, because regardless of this tip your teeth and gums still suffer SOME damage every time your force yourself to throw-up, and of course this tip will not protect you from the other destructive effects of purging such as throwing your electrolytes out of balance and damaging your throat, salivary glands, digestive tract, and other bodily systems.

However, as you're aware through Shaye's story excessive purging through vomiting can critically damage your teeth, and unlike most other parts of your body that can heal and regenerate, once your teeth are destroyed you have no other option but to turn to expensive dental work to repair the damage.


Immediately after purging, rinse your mouth with warm water. Then chew on about four sugar-free Tums or similar ANTACID TABLETS for a few minutes, but do NOT swallow! Keep swishing it around in your mouth for about 3-4 minutes then spit it out. This helps neutralize the acid eating away at your teeth and tissues in your mouth. The reason you do not want to swallow it is because you've already depleted your stomach of some acid, and adding an antacid further upsets the chemical balance by neutralizing the remaining acid you do have remaining in your stomach.

And that's it! Some of you may already be doing this or are away of this tip, but I wanted to put it out there for those of you who are not. Again, this is NOT to encourage purging, but we are all realistic here, and I know that even with all your best intentions during recovery it is nearly impossible to quit binging and purging in one simple day, so for the times you do relapse I hope this can help you counteract some damage to your teeth.

Additionally, I use two different toothpastes that have helped with tooth sensitivity and strengthening the tooth enamel:

1.) Colgate - Sensitive Enamel Protect
2.) Dr. Collins Restore Toothpaste

I realize that many of you are not living in America so may be a bit harder for you to find these brands, but if you can find any toothpaste with a Sodium fluoride content of 24% or higher this will do a lot to protect your enamel.

You can also find these toothpastes online at!

Hope this helps!! =)

Much Love and Gratitude,
Sara :)
The Bulimia Recovery Program - member


Thank you Sara for taking the time to share that awesome advice!


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Remember... You CAN beat bulimia! You are the captain of your ship and the creator of your destiny...

Here's to bulimia recovery!

xox Shaye

P.S. Make the decision today to take one step closer to your bulimia recovery... It could be opening up to a trusted family member or friend, booking to see a therapist or joining my online Bulimia Recovery Program. You have all the strength you need within you - dig deep and I promise you will find it!

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