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Bulimia Recovery #25 - How To Be Satisfied By Normal Amounts Of Food!
March 07, 2012

How To Be Satisfied By Normal Amounts Of Food

When I was bulimic, I thought normal eaters were strange and mythical creatures... "How did they do it?" I often thought... "How could they actually 'not feel like it' or just 'not be hungry'?"

I wanted to eat all the time, non stop. I could not fathom how anybody could feel satisfied from normal amounts of food.

My life was a constant battle of trying to avoid what I wanted to eat - followed by giving up and eating every last piece of it... Then, jumping in my car to go in search of more. In the worst of my bulimic days, I would eat non-stop all day. Then, I'd get up in the middle of the night to binge and purge again. It was an exhausting way to live - I'm sure you can relate, can't you?


I thought that I would have to live that way forever...

Even when I first began my recovery I thought I would always be fighting the urge to binge. Back then, in my mind, being recovered meant "successfully saying NO to binge urges"... Now I view recovery very differently! Now I understand that being recovered means having no binge urges... 100% recovery means you won't even remember how to have a binge urge! I have reached recovery and I promise that you can too.


A big part of recovery is learning how to be satisfied with the food you eat...

There are two important steps you can follow to help make this happen...

The first step, I have talked about a lot in the past... SAY NO TO DIETING! In order to be satisfied with your food, you actually need to eat nice food - not diet food! Low calorie rice crackers with diet jam... Yucky! This means you will slowly but surely need to work on eliminating your dieting mentality and replace it with feelings of trust towards your body and food. Try to work on allowing yourself to eat and digest all types of food in your structured eating plan. I'm not going to talk about this step in huge detail now as I don't want to sound like a stuck record! However, if you're new to my newsletter, please check out these articles:

The second step (and this is super important!) in feeling satisfied with normal amounts of food is to stay present while you are eating!

If you're anything like I was... Eating is a time when you turn off. You zone out and get overtaken by that pre-programmed eating machine. Eating becomes an act that you remember only the start and the finish - all that happens inbetween is a faded blur... If you think about it, it's no wonder you don't get satisfied from normal amounts of food... Zoning out makes it seem as though you have only had a few bites!


Tips to help you stay present during your meals and snacks...

I found these points incredibly helpful in my recovery journey. They take practice, but once you get the hang of them... Ahhh - peace!

So when you eat...

  • Make sure it's in an environment that is pleasing to you. Somewhere where you can sit quietly and focus on enjoying your food.
  • Try to set aside at least 10 minutes for your snacks and 15+ minutes for your main meals.
  • Have a stopwatch on you, or set your alarm clock to go off every 1-2 minutes. Each time the stop watch goes off, pause from your eating and put down your utensils. Ask yourself these questions...
    • Am I still enjoying this food? If not, try to figure out why.
    • How has the taste changed from the first few bites?
    • How does this food feel in my belly?
  • Take small bites and chew each bite up to 10 times.
  • Wait until each bite is completely swallowed before taking another bite
  • Try to stay present, listening to your breath and visualizing the food you are eating traveling around your body, healing you and giving you energy for life.

I've created a print out with the tips above so that you can keep close at hand. I'd suggest reading over them before each meal and snack so that you're reminded on how to stay present.

You can download your "staying present printout" here.

It might seem like a lot of effort eating this way, but I promise it is worth it! Given time, staying present while you eat and feeling satisfied from normal amounts of food will become totally natural! Remember, you are training your brain how to be a completely normal eater... A priceless reward for your efforts! A life without bulimia is absolutely incredible and I swear to God it is worth every bit of effort you put in :)

It's as Laci (Hi Laci!) in The Bulimia Recovery Program said the other day...

"Hi ladies!!!! I am sorry I've been away!! I've been so busy and happy and just living! I am at 10 months now of recovery, actually almost 10 1/2 :) and I am loving life and finally living. I have a final on school tonight so I have to run. I love you all!!!!"

...When we find peace with food and train our brains into normal eating, so much is possible - life is just so beautiful!



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Sending you lots of love and recovery vibes!

xox Shaye

P.S. Do one thing today that is a step forward in your bulimia recovery... You could plan your structured meals for tomorrow, ring a therapist or nutritionist to book an appointment or join my Bulimia Recovery Program and Community. What you decide to do is up to you... but do something that keeps your recovery momentum moving forward!

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