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Bulimia Recovery #20 - Heal Your Digestive System With This Simple Tip
November 04, 2011

Heal Your Digestive System With This Simple Tip and These 4 Foods...

Recovering from bulimia is an incredible journey full of plenty of ups and downs... You will have your fair share of obstacles to overcome! One of those obstacles is healing your stomach so that it can digest food normally again and so that the bulimia recovery bloat can disappear!

When I first began my new binge and purge free life, my stomach swelled up like a hot air balloon. I went from having a flat tummy to a 6 month bun-in-the-oven tummy in just 1 week! I was terrified... I didn't understand what was happening to my body... How could this happen in just one week? Would it keep getting worse? Had I ruined my digestive system forever?

My poor bulimia damaged digestive system almost made me throw in the towel... I am so glad that I didn't though, because it did make a complete recovery!

My bulimia bloating took months to disappear and it was even more time before I considered my digestive system 'normal' again... But I was navigating my road to recovery without any advice and so I missed out on a vital tip that could have helped to heal my digestive system a whole lot quicker...

The helpful tip (that I wish I had known) was....


Eat Fermented Foods To Help Heal Your Digestive System

You might be thinking that I have completely and utterly lost my mind... You might shudder at the thought of eating fermented foods... But chances are you have eaten fermented foods in the past without realized they were fermented!

Ever eaten pickles? Well then, you have eaten fermented foods!


4 Reasons Why Fermented Foods are Brilliant at Healing Your Tummy...

1. Fermented foods will help to improve your digestion. Fermenting foods is kind of like partially digesting them before we eat them - this is fantastic for a digestive system damaged by bulimia.

2. Fermented foods help to restore the correct balance of healthy bacteria in the gut. This is awesome news if you have killed much of this healthy bacteria through bingeing and purging!

3. Raw fermented foods are high in enzymes. Your body needs enzymes to properly digest and absorb the nutrients from your food.

4. Fermenting foods increases the vitamin content in them - perfect for healing your body during bulimia recovery!


4 DIY Fermented Foods That Will Help Heal Your Digestive System

1) Kefir


2) Pickles


3) Sauerkraut


4) Fermented Salsa



It's important to keep in mind that the fermented foods you eat shouldn't be heat treated... This kills all the good guys that fermenting is famous for! So much of what you can purchase from the supermarkets has lost it's bacteria-benefits because they have been killed off through heat treating or processing. That's why I'd suggest either sourcing your fermented foods from the organic shop (and double check they are raw with healthy bacteria) or make them yourself!

Making fermented foods like pickles, kefir and sauerkraut is easy and cheap as chips! My partner Tom loves fermenting food because it helps heal his stomach from food sensitivities. He follows the recipes and guidelines in the book Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods.

It was just a few days ago that we were discussing natural probiotics in The Bulimia Recovery Program - Carrie said that she was putting off buying probiotics because they were so expensive... I suggested fermenting some food because it's just as effective and far cheaper! So thank you Carrie for inspiring me to write about this in today's newsletter! :)


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Sending you lots of love and recovery vibes!

xox Shaye

P.S. Just shouting out a huge congratulations to Cristil who posted this on her BRP blog yesterday: "4 weeks! 4 Mother effing weeks of glorious b and p free!! I have over eaten a bit and maintained an amazing bloated figure but I feel happier, little less crazy, and super duper proud!! Im terrified of staying fat and terrified of messing up but incredibly thankful for this program...... You ladies are all amazing and Im blown away as I read of your achievements and learning experiences...."

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