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Bulimia Recovery #2 - Survive The Binge Triggering Foods This Xmas...
December 05, 2010


At the age of 8 I became bulimic... It continued until I was 20. I was throwing up over 15 times per day... I thought I was a hopeless case.


I recovered! And guess what? That means you can too!

You just need somebody to show you how... I hope I can be that somebody :)


In this edition of the Your Bulimia Recovery Newsletter I'd like to share with you 3 things...

1) How to survive all the binge-triggering foods of Christmas

2) Karen Phillip's Bulimia Self Help Product Review

3) My latest articles to inspire you on your bulimia recovery journey



How To Survive All The Binge-Triggering Foods Of Christmas

I remember when I was suffering from bulimia - Christmas was exhausting. At every turn there was somebody offering you delicious and binge triggering foods... Of course, being bulimic... It was very difficult to say no... No matter how much I had already eaten...

All this bingeing made me feel deflated and exhausted on what is supposed to be a wonderful day full of celebration. I hated it.

The first Christmas into my recovery was a challenge... But when I reached the end of the day without bingeing or purging once - I was so proud of myself. It had been the best Christmas in years because I was able to focus on the wonderful people I was with - not the food.

Here's 2 tips I used to make Christmas a wonderful bulimia-free day...

TIP 1) Plan Your Day

One of the difficult things about Christmas is that often there are multiple get together's with different families and friends. This means multiple meals, multiples snacks, multiple drinks and so on... What I did to overcome this was to plan my day a little more carefully. We had 3 different events to go to so I decided that I would:

a) Eat breakfast at home with my family. I knew that this would probably consist of lots of chocolate from my stocking (yes I know I'm too old to get stockings - but my mom still loves doing them for us!) So I decided breakfast could be some chocolate and a few pieces of fruit. I didn't want to overdo breakfast because I knew that would leave me feeling full... Then I'd be more likely to give up and binge early on.

b) Lunch was at my boyfriends family home. They always put on the most extreme feasts! I made the goal of this meal to stick to just one helping - but it was okay if I chose the foods that I wouldn't normally eat. I ended up with a normal sized meal of ham, garlic bread and grilled potatoes. It was a strange combination - but it satisfied me without making me too full. After that I also had a plate of salad.

c) Dinner was with all my relatives. It was a long night full of food and festivities. To lead up to this meal I tried throughout the afternoon to just have one small snack... that would allow all my other food to digest before dinner. When our dinner came along I had another healthy sized plate of BBQ and salad - finished with some ice cream and christmas cake. I was full - but not so stuffed that I felt I needed to purge.

After dinner I distracted myself from food by talking and hanging out with my loved ones. I didn't want to eat again that day because I felt I had had enough... Any more could have lead to a binge/purge.

I went to bed that night feeling happy and content. I had an amazing day full of wonderful people and sensible portions of delicious food. All this thanks to planning my meals and snacks :)

TIP 2) Take Time Out

Christmas day can be a bit of a whirlwind of people, food, presents and activity. It's important to take time out from all this to acknowledge the day and your wish to enjoy it.

A couple of days before the first Christmas of my bulimia recovery - I wrote a letter to myself. I kept the letter very positive and uplifting... I reminded myself why it would be so wonderful to eat a sensible amount of delicious food on christmas - how it would help me enjoy the day and experience the joys of christmas so much more. I reminded myself about how wonderful life would be once I was fully recovered from bulimia. I reminded myself how beautiful I was and how many people loved me for just being me. I wrote down goals for my future and my hopes and dreams.

I finished it off with "I will allow myself to enjoy this day, to enjoy the food in planned portions and to enjoy the love of my family and friends. I will LOVE myself today and show my love to everyone around me... Today is about the love"

Then, on Christmas morning, I read this letter to myself. I allowed myself to absorb each and every word I'd written. I allowed myself to feel it.

Over the course of Christmas day, I sat quietly a few more times to read this letter... Reminding myself of all the things that were truly important.


Christmas is about the LOVE!

Christmas really is about the love. The love for your family, for Jesus (if you're a Christian) and most importantly, the Love for yourself. Make a pact with yourself this Christmas that Love will rule the day.

If you slip up and do binge/purge... Don't panic... Pull your letter out, read it and compose yourself. Just because you have slipped - doesn't mean the rest of the day is history :)


Bulimia Self Help Product Review

Many of you have been asking me for info about bulimia self help products... So, over the past few months I've been doing my research...

I've been purchasing products, reading them, analyzing them and then throwing them out the window...

That was until I bought a program by Karen Phillips a few weeks ago. After the few rubbish books I'd read recently - I was skeptical... But, an hour into reading it and I couldn't put it down...

In her book "Mom, Please Help: Anorexia and Bulimia Positive Energy Treatment" Karen teaches you 12 different way for you to re-program your sub-conscious mind from bulimic to non-bulimic. From self-abusive to self-respectful. From negative to positive.

Changing your mind on this sub-conscious level is the only true way to beat bulimia... I believe this more than anything because after 10 years of being bulimic - it's the only thing that worked for me.

Click here to read my review of Karen's bulimia self help program.



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