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Bulimia Recovery #3 - Want To Be Bulimia Free By Next Christmas?
January 10, 2011

Do you feel as though you're losing control of your life?

Do you feel as though you need to be perfect... Perfect for yourself, your parents, your friends, your husband... Anyone?

Do you feel as though the pressures of life - and living with bulimia - are just too much?

Do you feel hopeless?

I've been there...

But, the good news is... I am not there anymore! And... If I managed to beat bulimia and find health and happiness - then you can too... Believe it because it's the truth... Allow yourself to get really excited at the thought of it... Why?

Because this is the year! This is the year that you will allow yourself to find health and happiness... This is the year that you'll beat bulimia for good!

It'll be a long journey... It could take the entire year... But if you want it enough, then right now, turn to face the direction of health and happiness - and keep walking... in baby steps - until you get there...

I'll help you along the way...

I'd Like To Share 3 Things With You Today...

1) How To Make The Commitment To Your Bulimia Recovery

2) Are You Ready To Take the First Step to Bulimia Recovery?

3) My Latest Articles To Inspire You On Your Bulimia Recovery Journey

Make The Commitment To Your Bulimia Recovery

Only once did I make a true commitment to my bulimia recovery. Only once did I give it all I had... And, guess what... That was the time that I recovered.

But, in order for me to make this commitment - I had to do something that I'd been terrified to do for nearly 12 years... I had to share my bulimia secret.

Why was this so important in my recovery?

I had to be held accountable... I had to have somebody who knew I was fighting for recovery. I had to have somebody to confide in... To share my slip ups and successes with... Doing it all alone was simply too difficult...

My challenge for you today is to hold yourself accountable for your recovery. Make the commitment... Tell somebody about your bulimia and your commitment to recovering from it!

That somebody could be a person you love and trust... A parent, a friend, a sibling. Or, it could be a therapist - which is what I chose.

Try breaking the ice by sharing your bulimia story online first. Click here to share your bulimia story on my site. You could even send an email to the person you decide to tell - with a link to your story. That way you can't chicken out!

Once you've made the commitment to your recovery - you're ready to take the first step...

The First Step Of Your Bulimia Recovery Journey...

I'd tried a hundred times to recover from the illness I'd walked with since I was 8 years old... But every attempt was met with failure.

I'd make promises to myself...

"Today I will NOT binge"
"Today I will ONLY eat fruit"
"Today I will be self controlled"

Before the morning had passed - I had always broken my promises... Despite wanting to keep them more than anything - they were worthless...


Because I was going about my bulimia recovery in the wrong way... I wasn't focussing on the root of my problems... I was focussing on the bingeing and purging.

Believe it or not, bingeing and purging is only a side effect of deeper issues. Trying to just 'stop' the binge and purge is like trying to slap a plaster over a massive festering wound... It doesn't work. You need to treat the wound from the inside out.

It was only as I began to recover that I realised what the first step in bulimia recovery should be for everyone...

To recover from bulimia you need to learn how to love, respect and accept yourself again ...

Think about it...

Is a person who loves, respects and accepts themselves a person who suffers from bulimia? No... Definitely not.

Learning to love, accept and respect yourself isn't something you can turn on at the flick of a switch... You need to program your mind into believing it.

In my case, years upon years of binging and purging had hard wired neural pathways in my brain that said:


So, subconsciously, this is what my brain believed.

I had to teach myself to think differently... I did this over the course of many months. Gradually I began to love, respect and accept myself again.

It felt amazing to let go of the self abuse that I'd been inflicting upon myself for so long... It felt amazing to be kind to myself... It felt amazing to talk to myself politely... It felt amazing to look into the mirror and focus on what I liked about my body...

Recently, I read the book "Mom, Please Help: Anorexia and Bulimia Positive Energy Treatment" and I must say, the techniques Karen teaches to transform your self talk, self image and self respect are fantastic. They're very similar to what I used to beat bulimia for good. To read my review of Karen's bulimia self help program, click here.

Here are some simple but effective tips that I used to transform my self esteem - I hope that you decide to use them too:

1) Write a list of all the things you like about yourself. It can contain your smile, your eyes, your sense of humor, a particular talent, etc. Make it into a list which you read every single morning when you wake up. Stick it on your dressing table and make a copy to carry around with you during the day.

2) Ask a handful of people you love to write down a thing that they truly love about you. Add it to the list above.

3) Try to replace any negative self talk with positive and supportive talk. Anytime you notice yourself being negative or saying something that won't help heal your self image... Stop the sentence in it's tracks and try to say something positive. You'll feel so much better for it! If you're persistent with this, in time it will become natural.

4) Try to stop comparing yourself to others. Think about it... What does this achieve? Absolutely nothing positive. When you find yourself playing the comparing game, stop and try to focus on something completely different.

The Latest Articles And Stories On My Site:

The Journey To A Healthy And Happy You Starts With A Single Step...

Every journey has got to start somewhere... and your recovery journey is no different. It can be daunting to think of recovery as one big long road that you need to run. Rather think of it as a lot of little steps that will that will get you where you want to go...


"It's not where you stand but the direction in which you face."

If you're not in a place you like right now... Then, just think of where you would like to be and start taking baby steps that move in that direction

All the love - until next time...


P.S. If you're truly commited to your bulimia recovery... I think you'll love Karen Phillips program. Click here to read my review of this bulimia self help treatment.

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