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Bulimia Recovery #8 - Beat Bulimia By Zapping Negative Core Beliefs...
April 13, 2011

How To Change The Negative Core Beliefs That Fuel And Maintain Your Bulimia

In my last newsletter, I gave you a run down on negative core beliefs... What they are, and how they caused you bulimia...

Today I'm going to teach you 3 steps to erode away those negative core beliefs - and begin to feel good about yourself and your life again!

If you're new to my newsletter, or if you want to remind yourself about the basics of negative core beliefs, you can read my last newsletter here...


Step 1: Catch Your Negative Core Beliefs When You Hear Them Talking

You know those 'voices' that run through your head...

The type that make your heart sink, make your eyes well with tears, make your anger flare...

The voices that make you feel plain-old-nasty...?

Those voices are your Negative Core Beliefs talking.

They might disguise themselves, dress up in clothes to make them unrecognizable... They might try to mimic rational thought... BUT, they're not! Catch these masqueraders of the truth... As soon as you hear any negative self talk... CATCH IT... Trace it back... And, ask yourself...

Which negative core belief is this 'voice' from?

Once you identify it... Challenge it! Slam it back with a statement that is more positive or, if you can't manage positive, even more neutral...

For example, When I had the voices in my head saying...

"My team manager was right for denying me the ice cream - after all, I was a worthless pig... I'd just throw it up anyway"

I could have grabbed the opportunity to catch that thought, trace it back to my core belief of "I'm a greedy pig" and then challenge it by saying....

"Although I am suffering from bulimia, I am not a pig... I am a great girl and I am WORTHY of being treated with respect"

and "I am working on becoming a normal eater, I will be kind and patient with myself"


Step 2: Kindness and Persistence...

A marathon runner wouldn't get far if, when she become tired, she yelled "You useless piece of **** - I knew you'd fail!"

and, she wouldn't get far if she gave up.

Just as a marathon runner needs to practice kindness and persistence, so do you.

You can't go to the super-market and buy new core beliefs over the counter. Your only option is to work at them... With kindness and persistence.


Step 3: Move From Insight to Action!

Reflecting on what I've written isn't enough... You need to take ACTION! For the next 2 weeks, try take action by challenging some of your negative core beliefs using the steps above...

A helpful tip is to carry a little pocket note pad around with you... Whenever you catch those voices, trace them back, identify your belief, challenge it and write it all down.

Remember... When you're feeling bad... Put it on the pad!


In Summary...

  • Negative Core Beliefs are unwritten rules of your life that have, most likely, given birth to your bulimia
  • To learn what your negative core beliefs are, catch those 'voices' and trace them back to their source
  • Challenge them and replace them with kind, nurturing beliefs
  • Treat yourself with kindness and persistence - just like that marathon runner
  • Bulimia recovery won't just 'happen'... You need to take ACTION!


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Wishing you love, happiness and RECOVERY :)

xox Shaye

P.S. To keep in the habit of taking positive action steps to your bulimia recovery, please consider either: 1) Sharing your bulimia story on my site or, 2) Posting a message or comment on the bulimia support groups page. or 3) Sharing your negative belief, along with a story on what you think could have caused it

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