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Bulimia Recovery #13 - TOP 4 tips to heal your bulimia recovery bloat
July 04, 2011

Will The Bulimia Recovery Bloat Ever Go Away?

Early on in my recovery, I felt like I wasn't digesting anything.

I felt like food was accumulating in my stomach and filling me to the point of popping.

I was convinced that I had lost my ability to digest food!

But what was actually happening to me was a serious case of the bulimia recovery bloat!

Time and time again I've had people ask me 'Will this bloating ever end?'

My answer is always yes!

It ended for me and it will end for you too.

My bulimia recovery bloating was severe for the first month of recovery. I felt 6 months pregnant! Gradually after the first month, it began to subside.

By the 3rd month, although it would flare up from time to time, my bloating was mostly gone.

There's no doubt that bulimia bloating is hard to tolerate... But it is not unbearable!

I pushed through it and so can you.

Here are 4 tips that will help you do this...

1) It's shopping time!

To make the bloating phase of recovery 100 times more bearable, go out and treat yourself to some new, baggy and comfortable clothes.

I can't stress how important this is!

There is nothing more de-motivating than a pair of jeans which cut into your painfully bloated tummy.

Baby doll dresses and hippy pants were my saving grace during recovery!

So organize this shopping trip asap because having loose, comfortable clothes will help give you the upper hand!

2) Take probiotics

Vomiting kills the healthy bacteria in your tummy, which are essential for digestion...

When this bacteria is scarce, food sits in your tummy and ferments. This causes bloating, tummy pain and wind.

To restore your helpful community of bacteria, you can take probiotic pills. You can buy these from most pharmacies.

Probiotics range in price hugely... It's best to take good quality ones - especially during the first month of your recovery.

3) Sleeping off the bloat

When my bloating hit with a vengeance, normally after eating, I’d hit the sack!

Some people say don’t sleep after eating... I say cut yourself some slack!

Do whatever it takes to push through the speed bumps of bulimia recovery!

Besides, your body is doing a lot of healing and needs all the rest it can get :)

4) Early morning tea

Constipation and bloating often come hand in hand during recovery...

To help get your bowels going in the morning, I found it helpful to drink 2-3 cups of herbal tea about 30 minutes before eating anything.

This flushes out 'the leftovers'

Make sure you allow yourself enough time before jumping onto the bus or train! Early morning tea gives me a sudden urgent need to run to the toilet and you want to be near a loo when it happens.

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Remember... You are the captain of your ship and the creator of your destiny...

Here's to bulimia recovery!

xox Shaye

P.S. The Bulimia Recovery Program is launching in just 7 days... There are still a few spaces left - to find out how you can get one of them, click here.

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