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Recovery Ezine 59 - How to Handle Christmas in Your Bulimia Recovery
December 20, 2016

From my bulimic years, I remember holidays causing far more stress than joy. I'd have the best intentions of "Being good" on Christmas day, only to begin my day long binge shortly after I woke up in the morning. It was exhausitng.

But once I began my recovery journey, that started to change. Christmas became a time of possibility! I saw it as an opportunity to grow in recovery... I'd set myself little goals and challenges (that weren't always food related) and my day began to have purpose and passion. I remember making it my mission to have meaningful conversations with 2 relatives on Christmas day - to be completely present and there, with that person fully. That was something I hadn't intentionally done my entire adult life. It was beautiful and brought so much connection and meaning to the day... it also shifted focus away from food and onto human connection and love.

SO beautiful soul, believe me when I say Christmas day can be wonderful. To help you with some amazing advice on your day, I've called on my friend and fellow bulimia recovery mentor Clara Toronto. She's written an awesome article for us all to enjoy...

To learn how you can get through Christmas with a smile on your face and joy in your heart, click here.

Sending you so much love :)



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