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Recovery Ezine 58 - The #1 Step Your Bulimia Recovery Can't do Without
September 06, 2016

Self cruelty expects you to BE perfect and to DO everything perfectly...

And I'm sorry to tell you this - but both of those things are impossible...

Recovering from bulimia is not a perfect journey. There are slips and setbacks. There are moments where you feel broken and there are times when you fall.

Self cruelty will keep you stuck in a loop of falling and giving up. By midday when you haven't lived up to your perfect standards, you give up for the day promising "As of tomorrow I'll never binge and purge again".

But with self cruelty - tomorrow will be exactly the same.

The only way to get out of this binge/purge loop is through Self Kindness!

Self kindness is such a beautifully exciting topic to me because it SAVED MY LIFEā€¦

To learn about why self kindness is the #1 step your recovery can't do without (and how to re-learn the habit of it) Click here.

Sending you so much love :)


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