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Recovery Ezine 57 - Avoid Bulimia Heart Problems by Never Doing This..
August 09, 2016

Although I don't know you in person - I feel a connection to you because we have been thought the same thing. We both understand what it's like living with bulimia. We both understand what it's like to eat until we are so full we can't bend over... We both understand what it feels like to purge and to not be satisfied until we've got it all out...

And that last point I mentioned - "getting it all out" is actually what I want to talk about today.

It's a bit of a different topic for me - but one that I feel an urgency to share with you.

When I was bulimic, I'd often use a technique called "Flushing". You probably do it too. It's when you binge and then purge. Drink more water, and then purge again. Drink, purge, drink purge... And on and on it goes.

I remember observing what came out - in reverse from how it went in. If I ate chocolate cake first, then bread, then cheese, then cereal... I wouldn't finish 'flushing' until I got back to the chocolate cake - and beyond. I wouldn't stop until the chocolate cake was all gone and I was onto the bile.

What I didn't realise back then is that this technique is one of the most deadly ways you can purge.

Flushing does a mighty fine job in depleting your body of electrolytes - which can lead on to sudden cardiac arrest.

I have a lot I want to share about this including a video I made on the dangers of 'flushing', as well as tips on how to protect yourself with the 'electrolyte replenishing smoothie'. I'll link you out to my article where you can read all the information and watch the videos if you want to...

To learn more about the dangers of "flushing" and how to protect yourself, please click here.

I'm always torn in sending out these types of messages as I don't want to cause fear. But in this case, I think it's just so important that you know how to protect yourself while working on your recovery. You are too precious to lose to bulimia!

Sending you so much love :)



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