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Recovery Newsletter 46 - The Top Trigger For Bulimia & How To End It
June 12, 2013

Once upon a time, the causes of bulimia baffled me. I had no idea why I binged and purged almost constantly, why I couldn't control myself around food and why this crazy cycle started in the first place.

I thought that surely there must be some deep, dark secret that I was repressing… Something traumatic that had happened to me… There must have been a reason for my chaotic relationship with food and my body.

It was only in my recovery and in the years since, I've been able to see - with almost crystal clarity - what the causes and triggers of bulimia are.

To learn the #1 trigger for bulimia and 3 steps on how to 'reverse it', click here.

Wishing you happiness and joy in your recovery journey,

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