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Bulimia Recovery #39 - Beat Binge Urges Using the HALT Technique
December 10, 2012

Use the HALT Technique to Beat Binge Urges

Just the other day there was a conversation going on in the online community between two members of The Bulimia Recovery Program. In it, they were talking about techniques to help beat the binge urges...

One of the techniques which was shared was the HALT technique - When H (Hungry), A (Angry), L (Lonely) or T (Tired) - take extra care...

I've expanded on this technique and shown how it's relevant to bulimia recovery. Click here to see how you can use the HALT technique to overcome your binge urges. I'll show you how you can move forward with a smile on your face when triggered by hunger, anger, loneliness or being plain old tired.

So much love,

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