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Bulimia Recovery #37 - How Dehydration Made Me Gain Weight in Recovery
October 04, 2012

Why Dehydration Can Cause Sudden Weight Gain in Recovery

Bulimia and dehydration are BFF's. They pretty much always hang out together... And when I was suffering from bulimia, it was no different...

I had all the symptoms of a body screaming for water:

  • Dry skin, lips and hair
  • Dizziness and a fuzzy mind
  • Dark colored urine

Just to name a few.

And then came my recovery, where I gained weight quickly. I didn't know what was happening to my body and so it was terrifying. But I now know, this quick weight gain was also a result of my dehydration.

To read my story of this weight gain and to learn how hydrating your body can help your recovery, click here.


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