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Bulimia Recovery #36 - Health Risks of Bulimia and How to Avoid Them
August 29, 2012

The Health Risks of Bulimia and 5 Tips to Avoid them

I pushed the health risks of bulimia to the back of my mind for years on end. I thought I was too strong and too young to experience them...

But after suffering from bulimia for over 10 years, my body began to say 'enough'...

Things started to go wrong...

Mouth sores, rotting teeth, digestive problems and electrolyte imbalances were my warning signs.

When I look back on my years of bulimia, I'm surprised that I made it. I'm surprised that I am alive to write this right now...

I never took enough precaution to keep myself healthy and strong... You will not make this mistake though - will you?

To learn how to protect your precious body from the effects of bulimia, click here.


P.S. You'll also see pictures of my repaired teeth :)

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