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Bulimia Recovery #35 - Discover What Keeps You Stuck in Bulimia
August 15, 2012

The Psychological Causes of Bulimia: Understanding These Saved My Life - and Can Save Yours Too

I used to search desperately for the psychological causes of bulimia - I thought that if I could understand what went wrong with me - I could fix it. I thought that maybe, just maybe, if I understood why I was bulimic, I could stop the binging and purging.

So I looked into it...

Maybe I was bulimic because...

  • I wanted to be an Olympic athlete and I thought I needed to have a perfect body to get there
  • I wanted to be a famous movie star when I was a little girl - and all the movie stars were skinny
  • I might have been abused as a young girl and just couldn't remember it? Maybe I was repressing something and that was the cause of bulimia?

Or maybe it was none of those things?

It took many years before I discovered the psychological cause of my bulimia... And it turned out to be something quite simple...

Something that so many women and men who battle bulimia struggle with...

Find out the psychological reasons behind bulimia, how I overcame them - and how you can overcome them too!


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