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Bulimia Recovery #23 - 3 Tips To Deal With Christmas Weight Gain
January 12, 2012

5 Tips on How to Deal With Any Christmas Weight Gain or Bloating...

When I was suffering from bulimia, Christmas was anything but easy and enjoyable. The constant war that was going on in my head between not wanting to eat anything and eating everything in sight was exhausting. Of course, eating everything in sight always won. Following on from that were multiple trips to the bathroom, bush and tupperware under my bed to try and get rid of whatever I could! Despite my best efforts, I always felt bad about my body after Christmas. I always felt bloated, lethargic and ashamed.

What was supposed to be a time of happiness and love always ended up being a time of obsession.


It's January... A month of hope and new resolutions... So I'm going to share 3 tips to help you deal with the any Christmas and recovery weight gain or bloating in a healthy way...


3 tips to help you deal with weight gain and push forward to make 2012 the year of your bulimia recovery! Yeeha!


Tip 1: Take Advantage Of The New Years Sales

Go and buy some new and looser clothes for your recovery! You might hate this suggestion (just as I did in my recovery!) but I swear to God it was a life saver! As somebody said to me once "Even the skinniest of people feel fat when their clothes cut into them" Please do this for yourself - it will make you feel much more comfortable and happy in your own skin :)

Try not to look at sizes - just go try things on and find clothes that feel good on your body. You could even take somebody for support (They don't know about your bulimia) and keep reminding yourself that it's an important step you are taking towards recovery.

I went and bought some loose comfy clothes in my recovery and I know you can manage it too. DO IT, please :) For me?


Tip 2: Change Your Self Talk

Whenever you hear a little negative self talk creeping in about your body or weight... Challenge it!

Remind this negative self talk that recovery is FAR more important than any number on the scale! Tell that negative self talk that it won't stop you from pushing forward with recovery! Tell that negative self talk that recovery comes first and once you've recovered, you body will settle down at it's natural weight!

Also keep reminding yourself that it is completely normal to experience a bit of weight gain in recovery... Your body retains water as well as food in your tummy due to slowed stomach emptying. Any weight gain you're feeling is most likely to be largely water. Remind yourself that I (Shaye) gained weight, but am now healthy fit and happy... If you push forward with you're recovery, you will get there too!


Tip 3: Don't Try Diet

Come January and diet product sales around the globe soar. New years resolutions, year in and year out are "Go on diet, Lose weight" but if diets really worked, people wouldn't have to repeat this resolution year after year! Dieting doesn't work. End of story! But not only does dieting not work, it is also dangerous.

So dangerous.

I wish I could climb to the top of the world and scream it out for every body-conscious person on this planet to hear! All dieting will do is...

  1. Make you feel more negative about your body because you are now focusing your days around changing yourself
  2. Make you binge eat as a response to the attempts at restricting your body of food
  3. Slow down your metabolism because your body isn't getting regular meals

Now I can swear to God that my life began to transform when my resolution changed from "Go on a diet" to "Never go on a diet, ever again!"

My binge urges began to subside, I began to accept my body and my metabolism began to speed up and up and up!

And eventually, I made a full recovery from bulimia :)

If you take only one of these 3 tips on board - make it this one. Instead of dieting, get into a plan of structured eating (3 meals and 3 snacks a day 2-3 hours apart) you could do nothing better for your recovery, metabolism and overall well being!



Lately in The Bulimia Recovery Program, there's been quite a bit of talk about feeling full, frumpy and bloated after Christmas. Especially since many of the girls are now starting to get through days and weeks without purging and are experiencing recovery bloating. Here's a message from a lovely member of The Bulimia Recovery Program (I'll keep her name anonymous for privacy reasons...)

"So, I was thinking about the various comments and statuses I've made in my short time on this site and realized I am obsessed with my bloat. No kidding. Sometimes I hold my tummy tenderly, like I'm pregnant or something. Might as well be, I certainly look like I've got a bun in the oven. And whenever I think about my healing process, my hand goes right to the bloated bulge in my body and just rests upon my belly almost as though checking to see if it will kick back against my hand. I think there is some protective instinct at work here, like my bloated body is saying, hey, I have a right to be here. After-all, I'm taking care of all the things that you f'd up.

So, if I have to look pregnant, I decided I am going to be pregnant. Not with a baby, of course. But, pregnant with possibility. Inside that swollen mound is all the possibility of a bulimia free existence. Inside are all the days ahead of me where I won't have to worry about whether I am going to binge and purge or not. Inside are the feelings I will no longer suppress and the imperfections I will no longer fight against and try to purge. Inside is love. Love not only for everyone in my life, but love for me.

My need to be perfect drove me to my eating disorder and my need to be perfect came from my inability to love myself as I am. So, because my mind couldn't love me, my body is taking over and healing all of the damage my mind did to it, and filling me with love. The result: a perfect little buddha belly filled with possibility."

- Bulimia Recovery Program and Community Member

My challenge to you is to try and look at any bloating you experience in the same way :)



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Sending you lots of love and recovery vibes!

xox Shaye

P.S. Today I'm shouting out to all the amazing, strong and courageous girls in The Bulimia Recovery Program - I have seen so much progress over the last month and you all make me incredibly proud! Keep celebrating your successes... There are so many of them! You inspire me every day :) xx

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