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7 months in Bulimia Recovery

by Kim

well here I am 7 months into recovery......I WAS Bulimic 36 years! and yes I was at X Lbs at one point in my life. I thought I was going to die from my disease,But I woke up 7 months ago and I just said this is it....I started by eating very small amounts of food just enough to not feel full I drank a lot of protein drinks an of course I exercised to work off the calories,well Now I have the exercise at 1/2 hour away with Jullian Mihaels 30 min work out. I eat the calories required for my body most days somedays I feel full but I will still eat. I try to make sure I get the protein required. Let me tell you by following a diet of good nutrition I have a wonderful looking body that is getting firm I am 47 years old so No I'm not going to look 20 but my body looks better than ever I have gained my weight that I should be but I look better than the thin ugly look that I thought looked great but now with my new look I just look great.I also have to tell you that my weight distributed in my body that I still wear my same clothes I always wore, they fit better and not hang......and let me tell you my husband loves the look. Plus I feel human again I feel honest.I have a better attitude I'm happier. All the years I wasted on this Eating Disorder is such a shame. I kept myself in a closet,I have no memory ,I forget everything I read something an I just cannot understand things an I was smart. I know that it is due to this eating disorder. So I guess what I'm saying just stop and say "I give up and give eating a try small amounts and work your way up to meals" But there is always a but.....Yes you will go though that horrible bloat It is BAD I'm not going to lie.......I had it so bad for 6 months an I still have bloat not as bad........But that will all settle down. With me having Bulimia for so many years I will have bloat for quite awhile but it is much better now.........I still have a long way to go ........I still only eat certain foods I I picked a handful of foods so I don't get in a panicked when my husband an I go out to eat instead of eating something I'm afraid to I just order a salad so I know what I'm eating.......My goal is to have more options I feel comfortable with......But I have to say I tried many times to stop and failed....But this time I never had 1 mess up. I know that I was told to eat large quantity of food in calories but that just didn't work for me I have to work into it. That may have been a large part to why the bloat hung in so long,but I did what I had to to make it through. So what ever you do to hold down nutrition do what is best for you. I don't go to any doctors for help I just go to get my numbers to see where my health stands. I use to have high cholesterol and my numbers look better everytime I go now. My immune system is coming back. So go to the doctor to find out where you stand and give yourself a reason to try to eat. If I can do it you can do it I promise. That fear of fat is still in my head but not like it was it gets better everyday........get though those first few months and it keeps getting easier and you will wake up and have a normal day for the most part. I think in a year. Will be in a state of mind that will be normal. Try the probiotics and Keifer sauerkraut for bloat. It' helps but please trust me it will come down in time and the weight you gain will all adjust. Promise you will be much more happier than letting this monster run your life ?

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