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6 Months Down, Many Years to Go

by Emma

Hello Shaye,

I struggled with eating disorders, most recently bulimia, for almost 10 years before starting a successful recovery process last August. I had my last b/p on August 17th and am now 6 months b/p free. Though I have far fewer urges to b/p than before, I am still struggling with some of the side effects of recovery, namely severe IBS like episodes, lots of gas, feeling full for long periods after eating (small) meals, bloating and occasional water retention in my butt and legs (though this is subsiding little by little, it was TERRIBLE at first.)

I have been working with a nutritionist and despite eating well, following my meal guidelines, and being on a very strict specific carbohydrate diet (that is helping a bit but is slowly driving me insane) I am still struggling with these symptoms on a daily basis. I know that these things are part of the recovery process, but is it normal for them to last so long? Did you experience any of this for an extended period? Is there hope that it will go away? Did you ever get to the point where your digestion felt "normal" again?

Thank you for responding, I am feeling a bit down and your site has been a major inspiration to me,

Best Wishes,


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