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56 and pregnant? UGH.

I'm in recovery after about five years of bulimia. I discovered recently that, when I eat a small-to-regular portion of food, I feel so full I want to purge. I say a prayer, breathe, and try not to do it. Sometimes I don't but I don't punish myself over it.

I've found that drinking water before meals helps fill me up and when going out, I take 2/3 of what's on my plate to set aside for leftovers. Sometimes it's half, if it's heavy food.

The worst is the gas. I smell like the Sewers of Rangoon, even though I take probiotics before and Gas X after eating.

I bought some larger jeans and kept ahold of the smaller ones that I'd embroidered, just in case. I feel that "rocky insides" of constipation, too, and I'm trying to be patient and let me metabolism right itself.

Patience and meditation help. THanks, Sharpie

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