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51 yrs old Bulimic - multi addict history. Aim to help others if i can

My story is long. So I will put it in short points.

Always unhappy kid. No one in my family appeared to be happy with themselves. the family was fairly middle class and functional i.e worked etc.
I was a chubby (not fat) kid as I always ate too much.

At age 13 I had sexual intercourse for 1st time (I was not forced). I nearly died from the alcohol drank afterwards. My 1st drinks ever of alcohol.

Then i developed anorexia and I discovered from the Jackie magazine that you could throw up to keep yourself thin. I loved that idea and started to do it but i have never put fingers down my throat i just pushed on my stomach with my hands.
Father died. They put me in mental hospital at 15. Basically they told me to stop being a stupid girl & gave me a psychiatric drug largactil. Age 19 as student, I was in another hospital again. To be fair the staff did try to encourage me to join in a group but to this day I don't really like groups.

Moved far away from family. A penny dropped and I tried psychotherapy for 2 yrs. During that 2 years I developed a lot and wasn't sick but was flush financially & I could pay for therapy. Then I decided to to try to get my degree again but of course I couldn't pay for therapy and I relapsed. I couldn't cope with the mental stress of studying. Took anti depressants I did get my degree a career and more. The drink kicked in when I met some Irish students (I also come from heavy drinking/drug abuse culture) Anyway in my 30s I achieved a lot really but I was sick at least a couple of times a week.

Now I'm 50+. i don't live in the UK anymore. I attend A.A when i feel my drinking gets a bit much. This is usually because I am trying to stop being sick or smoke dope. So I'm always on something.

There is no help in my area for eating disorders so I am so pleased to find help on line. (Help 30 years ago was very limited in its understanding e'g I was led to believe if I knew why (via Freudian based psychtherapy) I was so unhappy, I'd automatically get better. There is more to recovery than that! (Physical damage limitation,liaison with others etc) all of which is on this site!!!

I wish you all a better New Year!

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