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5 Months into bulimia recovery

I eat 1500 calories per day spaced out, drink a lot of liquid, and even exercise about 30 minutes a day (cardio and lifting). But I have gained weight and I'm thinking it's because of the water retention, etc.

When will I get better and will I ever get back to looking good :-)

I'm so frustrated because I'm always bloated and feel really heavy. Its hard to live with this feeling.

Shaye Says

Hi there!

I know the exact feeling your talking about... The bulimia bloat... and it's horrible! BUT - it doesn't last forever!

My bloating and water retention were worst in the first two months... then they did start to improve - but it took the best part of a year for my body to come right and to digest food more or less normally again.

You sound like you are doing so well... all your steps are positive - eating a natural amount, exercising moderately, drinking water... These are all good things. Just remind yourself that the goal is a life without bulimia... And without the side effects from it... This might take a year - even a bit more - to fully accomplish - but you will get there!

I have been bulimia free for 5 years now - and my digestive system is completely normal... My metabolism is fast and I can actually eat more than an average female and stay slim and healthy. I hope this helps you realize that full recovery is possible - and you wont suffer from the bloating and water retention forever - it will pass.

Try to take the focus off your weight... focus on a life without bulimia and how wonderful it is going to be.

I know you can get there...

Stay Strong,

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