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40 days and still bloated! what is going on?

by eloise

Hi everyone

I was(/am?) bulimic for about six years (since I was 14) and recently started recovery on my own. I was failing in college and felt like bulimia was ruining my life, so i told my mom all of it, which was something i would have never imagined doing ever!

I have started recovery 39 days ago and haven't BP since. I have been eating a lot though, or at least it feels like it. I am trying to stick to eating 6 times a day, which is working out most of the time. However, I am still very bloated (not just my stomach)! And the gas doesn't seem to subside either. This is really very annoying and not to mention demotivating!

I was wondering why it might be taking this long for my body to go back to normal. I am reading about people who were bloat-free after 3 to 4 weeks and relapsed from time to time. This whole process is making me really sad, since I feel like I am trying very hard and nothing is changing.

Apart from the bloating, I have had a few emotional struggles, which I guess are pretty common. I am not seeing a therapist or an 'ED-specialist', I get most of my information from the internet. Which is why I decided to write my own experiences.

I always pictured recovery was 'just getting over those binge urges' but I could not have been more wrong! It has been really challenging for me, but I am very certain it will all be worth it.

My most difficult period, I would have to say, were the first 2,5 weeks. After that most of my binge urges went away, but simultaneously my overall appearance became very bloated. Now I am still struggling with dinner from time to time (if I could i would just keep eating) and I find eating breakfast really annoying since I am never hungry at all! It's like my food form the prior day's dinner is still in my stomach when I get up.

I am really excited about the future and am trying to be positive and not to focus too much on the bloating and possible weight gain (trying being the operative word). So I guess, like so many others, I would like to hear what other people are going trough and maybe some insights on the situation. I would really appreciate it! :)

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