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4 hours a day with my head in the toilet. Fun. Not. Bulimia sux.

by Amz

Nice to spend your days in here - NOT!

Nice to spend your days in here - NOT!

I am so sick of bulimia. I'v had it for about 2 years.

It came really quickly.. It's like I just decided one day to try it and then after that I couldn't stop. At first I thought it was quite cool coz I could eat and not put on weight...


In time I did put on weight coz I actually couldn't throw up everything I ate. Bulimia makes me eat so much - it's like I have lost all control.

The worst thing about bulimia is spending the day with my head down the stinky skool loos. Sometimes I dont even need to make myself throw up coz the smell duz it for me!

Do you think I should tell my mom so I can see a therapist?

Reply asap plz!

A Response From Shaye

Amz.... Thanks for sharing your story! I am sure that it will help others realize the horrors of bulimia.

About your question regarding telling you mom and going to therapy...

Yes, I truly believe that this is the best thing you can do. You seem like you're still young and I imagine therapy will have quick and wonderful results.

All the best with your bulimia recovery,

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