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3 weeks of recovery down, a lifetime to go

by shelly

Week 3 of recovery is a turning point for me. I have b/p once this week!!! That is an amazing thing, my goal is to keep having more control over my mind and body everyday. I felt dizzy, tired and weak afterwards, it was a learning experience. My body will not allow me to take from it without punishment. My bloating has gone down a lot and my weight is stabilizing and starting to slowly go down. I feel strong and healthy and alive. I am now able to stop eating when I'm full, i am taking breaks during meals to let my brain catch up with my stomach its very helpful. I am drinking about 6 servings of water a day between meals so i don't get to full while eating. Probiotics, apple cidar vinegar and beans have helped my digestive system work and balance out.

Thinking back to that last week of illness i just cant believe my heart was able to beat! I was closer to death then ever, but i am a survivor now. I will never let bulimia have a say again. I'm proud of myself for overcoming my lifestyle, all I knew as life for 14 years. Rewiring the brain is no easy task tho, i have many more weeks and months to continue the process of relearning and discovering the real me.

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