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3 weeks after bulimia - Val's recovery journey

So, a quick note...

I've been bulimic for about 25 years (it varied in intensity over all those years but I've never made a conscious effort to quit). 3 weeks ago I had enough and set myself up with a plan to quit and I haven't binged/purged once since then. How am I feeling now?

1-I love the way I look now and feeling more energy.
2-I did loose some weight steadily during recovery.
3-I don't weigh myself multiple times a day like a used to, now -some days I don't even weigh myself.
4-I am so much more patient with my children and I have more time to do things with them.
5-I have a better relationship with my husband.
6-I have more food in the house and my grocery bill is down.
7-I'm loving the food I eat and I never feel uncomfortably full.
8-I am taking much better care of my teeth, my gums aren't sore and my teeth feel normal. (and I have my first dentist appointment. set up for my first crown!)
9-I am taking daily vitamins.
10-I am experimenting with new foods and taking more time to prepare meals for the family.
11-I don't have that awful feeling of guilt.
12-I feel normal.

I wish I could give that magic formula to everyone who has bulimia so they could just quit as I have. I know - it's only been three weeks, but it's so weird, I have no desire whatsoever to purge. This weekend we had two birthday parties and I only had a few small bites of cake and didn't want anymore, I wasn't nervous about all the food around, I ate what made me comfortable and satisfied.

I think everyone has their own magic formula to quit, they have to tap into it, grab it and don't let go. The moment I decided to quit and many days after that - that was the most important thing in my life, that was my goal. At first it is challenging, but gets so much easier day by day and hurdle after hurdle.

The Val who had bulimia seems so far away now and someone I knew a long time ago. Am I recovered? Am I cured? I don't know if there is a specific time-line that you need to be binge/purge-free to be classified as "cured". But I know this - I sure feel like I am, that's what is important.

Everyone has to be happy with themselves and take care of themselves, because you are the most important person in your life.


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