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3 months in, thank you!

by Kelly

Hey : ), just like to say that I'm 3 months free of purging, which is the longest I've ever gone off it in the past 2 years of bulimia. Thankyou! Alot of it is thanks to your email updates and wonderfully easy to access website.

I just have one question about bloating- I was thinking about going to go and get checked up because although it's been 3 months, the bulimia bloat is still killing me. I've tried all your tips and every tip there is, but no matter how much i work out, whenever i eat i bloat like a balloon!

Shaye Says

Hi Kelly,

Congratulations on your amazing work in recovery so far - you are doing so well!

I knwo the bloating can be super hard... and it can be resillient sometimes too... Mine was still lingering at 3 months, but it had definitely improved compared to what it was like in the first month! Have you seen any improvement? if not, them perhaps it would be a good idea to see a doctor - even if it's just for peace of mind! Possibly even seeing a naturopath could be a good idea - to be honest, they are often more knowledgeable about healing in a natural way without medication (that sometimes has side effects)

Keep pushing forward... all the challenges and struggles will be so worth it!


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