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2 years after recovery and still bloated

I was bulimic for 3 years and eventually got really skinny and sick. I am 23 now and its been 3 years since I complexly stopped b/p and 2 years since I can say I fully recovered. But I still have the bulimia bloat! :( My lower abdomen is bloated right out of bed and gets worse throughout the day. I've seen many pictures of people on this site with the bulimia bloat and my abdomen looks exactly like that. Its not fat because if I touch my abdomen or push it in its very hard and resists pressure. The only way to relieve my abdomen distention is to lay completely on my back, this will cause my stomach to relax but as soon as I stand up my distended stomach reappears.

At first I took everyone's advice about the "bulimia bloat" and just ate healthy and stayed the course hoping for it to fix itself. But after being at healthy weight for about a year I still have the bloat :( I cut out gluten and started using lots of supplements like probiotics and digestive enzymes etc and cooked all my veggies for easier digestion.

Nothing ever worked on my bloat so I went to a gastroenterologist for a battery of tests which all game back negative for anything wrong with me. I even had a damn full body cat scan. Everyone showing nothing.

I then went to a naturopathic doctor who tried to treat me for a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth with herbal extracts and other things which did nothing at all to my bloat :(.

I'm starting to think my years of disordered eating in the past has permanently messed up my digestive track and has caused it to be extremely spasmy or something and I will never get rid of this bulimia bloat.

What I would really like to know is if anyone has talked to doctors that actually know what is causing the bulimia bloat? And if so how to fix it?

Also has anyone fully got rid of their bulimia bloat?

Thanks so much!

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