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15 years too long......

by leesha

Hi im alisha im 27 and started my binging and purging when i was 12 maybe younger. I remember the first time i was caught purging after going to an all you can eat restraunt when i was around 10 or 11 by my aunty.but it really kicked in when i was 12 and i was being bullied at school about the way i looked. All i ever wanted was to be skinny but the binging and purging and restricting did nothing at all except keep my weight pretty much the same and then usually X or Xkg larger when i tried to stop the purging part.

Binging and purging has brought me nothing but immense pain and shame my entire life..until after being pregnant with my second daughter...i was able to control the binging and purging myself and i started to losd weight with healthy eating and exercise for the first time in my life. I weigh less now then i ever have and i did it all the right way until recently when my obsession with food came back. Ive been binging and purging full on again for about a month...there is a big connection to my binging with food as to my binging with alcohol...and since ive started drinking heavily on weekends again i feel myself spiralling out of control with my food and motivation. So my advice to my fellow binge eaters that drink like me....get on top of your drinking too because alcohol is pretty much a form of food so if your binge drinking how can you expect to control your eating. I will get back on track. I will overcome this once again.

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