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1 month Recovering Bulimic... but still BLOATED, whats the average time this will last?

Let me start by saying that throughout my life I ALWAYS LOVEDD FOOD. And since I came from a family of thin people and I myself was always thin, I never thought of food as a bad thing. But at the age 21 I was X pounds over weight due to smoking weed, drinking alcohol, and eating fast food everyday. this is when I decided to lose weight and get healthy. I started exercising and eating healthy and the weight came off over 6-7 months. I then found myself wanting to loose even more weight, so i started exercising more and very carefully watched what I ate. As the months went by I noticed I had developed a LOVE/HATE relationship with food. I hated what it made me feel like after eating, but I loved to eat it at the time(which is how most people with eating disorders feel).
Sometimes I would decided to have a cheat meal, and I would end up eating myself sick, I then would literally be so full I would run to the bathroom and throw up( not self endued). After a few months this became a habit and I started purging only after very large meals or after binging on cake or sweets. By the time i was 22 I was purging about 4-5 times a month, and found my self making cookie dough, just to eat it knowing that i could throw it up after. During this time is when I first realized I had started a very bad habit( but assured myself I was always in control). By the time I was 23 the binging and purging was much worse and I would purge a few times a week. A month after my 23rd birthday I went through a very hard break up, and I was determined to get "Model Skinny". I remember thinking, "if I can control my eating and body then I can get through this break up and control my thoughts and emotions". I was 5'7ft and X lbs when I turned 23 in October (I have VERYYYY light bones, runs in the family) but I didn't look too skinny or underfeed to any of my friends and family. By Christmas I had lost Xlbs and I was purging my lunch and dinner everyday, and exercising 2-3 times a day. I told my family that I had an eating disorder and I decided to try and get better. But every time I tried I would notice bloating and start purging again. I stopped in june for one month but relapsed for three weeks and then stopped again on August 15. I have not had an relapses and I have no desire to throw up every again, nor do I even think about it(Which is great). During the summer while I was trying to recover that i gained about Xlbs and this was very alarming to me but i knew it was mostly water weight and also weight that I needed to gain to become healthy again. Also during the summer I was not working out as much and eating out a lot while on holiday, so i figured the weight gain was due to all those factors. Now I am back home and started school, I am constantly on my feet going from class to class and trying to have 1-2 hours of exercise a day to keep me happy and healthy, and I have been eating 5-6 small meals a day to get my metabolism going again. I have been doing this since August 17( when I weighed Xlbs) and it is now september 29th and i have been not weighing my self as much and trying not to obsess with my weight but on monday I weighed myself and I weight Xlbs and my stomach had no bloat and I was feeling great. and now sunday(today) i am EXTREAMLY BLOATED and I weighed myself and i weight Xlbs( the most i have ever weighed in 4 years). And it doesn't make sense to me because during the summer time i was traveling, being lazy, not exercising, eating more unhealthy, and bloated and purging occasionally and I never weighed this much. now I'm eating healthy exercising regularly and I'm always moving and busy, and getting good sleep, but I'm gaining weight! And now all the sudden i have major stomach pains and cramping and bloating like no other. It is really discouraging me and I would like to know how long this will last for????
if any one has any suggestions or comments let me know pleaseeee???? :(

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