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Beat bulimia using my online recovery program and private community. Hundreds of women who were just like you have done the same!

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Bulimia Recovery is Real. You Have a Life Beyond This Prison.

Bulimia is like a prison, it captures your soul and beats you down until you know nothing else besides the gray walls around you.

Bulimia once owned me - Spending hours each day with my head in the toilet, eyes watering, throat burning, heart aching and self worth being chipped away, one piece at a time.

All I knew was bulimia and my life revolved around the lies I'd created to hide it...

I had been suffering from the effects of bulimia for nearly a decade. I knew I wanted to stop, I knew I had to stop... but after 10 years I had no idea how to end the binge and purge cycle.

I felt as though bulimia nervosa would own my life and end my life.

But, Guess What?
I Recovered and You Can Too!

bulimia dangers
Me, Jan 2012 - Bulimia free
for over 6 years!

It's been over 6 years since I recovered from bulimia.

I'd be lying if I said that I never looked in the mirror and wished away little areas of fat... But those are passing thoughts now. They don't rule my mind. They don't drive me to the toilet (or to the shower, or to the back garden, or to the tupperware under my bed!) I accept them and release them. Then I remember how great life is because I am healthy and happy.

Life is wonderful because I am free from bulimia... :)

...and you can be free too! You can heal. You can recover from this eating disorder.

With the right support and advice, you can write your own future.


I Bet You're Thinking...
"I'm Different. My Case Is Really bad - I'm Beyond help!"

Trust me, I felt as hopeless as a cat trying to catch it's shadow. I was throwing up 15 times a day (on a good day!) ...but I pulled through. You and me, we are no different. I recovered and so can you.

From my experiences of suffering and healing, I hope to help you.

If you or a loved one suffers as a bulimic, please use this website as much as you need...

I have 100% confidence that ALL bulimic people out there can recover!!

I have plenty of free advice on my website - just have a look around :)

For some extra help in your recovery, you could have a look at The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community which I run. It's an online program that has helped hundreds of women recover from bulimia and develop a normal relationship with food.


Table of Contents

My Bulimia Stories - Even The Most Humiliating Ones - I'm Sharing Them All!
Bulimia Stories from my 10 years in the hell of bulimia. Here, I tell all... From the most shameful acts of my illness through to my bulimia recovery...
The REAL Signs of Bulimia - Written by A Recovered Bulimic...
Learn the signs of bulimia and identify if your loved one is suffering. I hid my illness for 10 years from my family and friends... Learn what they should have been looking out for...
10 Terrifying Dangers in Bulimia
The dangers in bulimia are real - This illness can kill! Here are the TOP 10 most terrifying complications caused by bulimia...
What is Bulimia and Can it Kill?
What is Bulimia? Bulimia is a destructive illness that causes terrible emotional and physical suffering... It can even cause death. Bulimia is different to anorexia because...
Bulimia Recovery: Don't Believe You Can Beat bulimia? Here's Proof That You Can...
Bulimia Recovery is a difficult but amazing journey... A journey that I made 4 years ago. Learn the 3 steps that I used to beat bulimia. You too can feel the empowerment that comes from being bulimia-free!
The Effects of Bulimia can damage every aspect of your life...
The effects of bulimia run deeper than rotten teeth and puffy cheeks. Bulimia is a dangerous illness that can kill. Bulimia ravages you physically, mentally and socially... Learn about the 3 most damaging effects of bulimia here...
7 Bulimia Causes That Can Turn Your Life Upside Down!
These bulimia causes will give you an insight into why you, or a loved one is bulimic. Knowing the cause of your bulimia is an essential part in recovering from this dark illness. I suffered from bulimia for a decade. It was only after learning why I was bulimic that I managed to recover...
All About Exercise Bulimia... By a Recovered Bulimic...
Exercise Bulimia is a dangerous condition that is taking over our gyms. Here, I teach you it's risks, how to spot it and how to recover. All though the eyes of a recovered bulimic...
Famous People With Bulimia - Should These Women Feel Ashamed?
Famous people with bulimia include Paula Abdul, Lindsay Lohan and Princess Diana. Should these women feel ashamed of their illness? Or, should they feel proud for being open about this tough topic?
Laxative Abuse Could Make You Fat!
Laxative abuse is a dangerous form of bulimia nervosa... Learn the dangers in laxative abuse and how it could make you FAT!
Binge Eating Disorders: The 2 Life Changing Steps I Used To Recover
Binge eating disorders consumed my life for over 10 years. Learn how I recovered and how you can too!
ALL Your Bulimia Questions... Answered
Do you have a bulimia question you want answered? I will answer every single question I receive. I can't promise I'll know every single answer - but I sure will try!
Being Bulimic: The Dark Secret I Hid From The Love Of My Life...
My worst nightmare was Tom discovering I was bulimic... So when he confronted me about it that day, my life felt like it had been ripped apart. His reaction stunned me...
Bulimia Support Groups: Support For Bulimics By Other Bulimia Sufferers
Bulimia Support Groups - A place to share your fears and frustrations, express your hopes and dreams and tell your stories of bulimia. Support and love for bulimics by bulimics...
Bulimia Treatment: 3 Steps That Your Successful Recovery Plan Must Include
Bulimia Treatment: Binging and purging 15 times, I believed that I would die from bulimia. But, I made a FULL recovery! Learn the 3 steps I used to recover: These steps must be included in any recovery plan!
Bulimia Self Help: How I Became a Normal Eater and How You Can Too!
I used Bulimia Self Help to beat bulimia completely and permanently. Learn the life changing tips that helped me become a normal eater...


Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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